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Suddenly you’re 21 and you’re screaming along in your car to all the songs you used to listen to when you were sad in middle school and everything is different but everything is good

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One time a girl told me it was a good thing I have such bright eyes because my mind is so dark.
She said it was ironic how soft and small my hands are because everything inside of me is vast and jagged.
She told me one time her aunt gave her a present that was wrapped up so beautifully she never even opened it.
She said it must get lonely when the world will look at you but no one will look in you.

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Vintage Underwater Pinups photos by Bruce Mozert

To promote Silver Springs, Florida’s crystal clear waters, Bruce Mozert took a series of creative underwater photos in 1938, depicting scenes of leisure one can partake in with no oxygen required. Prints of his work can be purchased over at his website: mozertstudio.

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Retrogasm greatest hits of 2013, a look back of some of my favorite posts…

If Bettie Page was a housewife…


Retrogasm greatest hits of 2013, a look back of some of my favorite posts…

If Bettie Page was a housewife…

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“I have a distinctive aesthetic of what I think is sexy, and I have kind of a uniform. It’s usually something that shows a little bit of cleavage and possibly has long sleeves. I like to wear long, black, leather upper glove and black long-seamed stocking. I like to have my hemline just below the knee, and I like a perfect Louboutin pump.”

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So, transform yourself first…Because you are young and have dreams and want to do something meaningful, that in itself, makes you our future and our hope. Keep expanding your horizon, decolonize your mind, and cross borders.

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Vanitas' series by Madrid-based painter and illustrator Fernando Vicente

”..the human body without subterfuge, outside and inside, its fragility, is the mirror to look in that we realize how fragile we are.” (text from

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She comes in colors, Leone Frollo

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